Salvation prayer

Do you want to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour and enter a living relationship with Him? We encourage you to pray this prayer:


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and dying on the cross to pay the price for my sin. I believe You are the Son of God, my Saviour. I receive the forgiveness Your blood bought for me. Thank you that I don’t have to live my life without You anymore. You live in my heart through the Holy Spirit. Because of Your finished work on the cross I have an abundant and eternal life from today and into heaven. Thank you, Father, that I am now Your beloved child. Amen.


You are now God’s child! Read these Scriptures to be sure that you are saved: John 1:12 – those who believe in Him, are His children, 1 John 5:12-13 – you can know that you have eternal life, John 10:27-28 – no one can snatch you out of His hand.

You are not alone

After Jesus’ crucifixion but before all His disciples knew He was alive again, two of them were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-31). There was great uncertainty over the region. It looked as if everything had gone belly-up. They were discussing all of this as they went along – reasoning and being perplexed. Sound familiar?

When in distress we tend to look for someone to agree with our panic and fear. In the case of these travellers, it was exactly at that moment that Jesus drew near and started walking with them.
Luke 24:15-16 (NIV)
As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; 16 but they were kept from recognizing him.
While we are perplexed and trying to make sense of the situation, Jesus interjects. He wants to interrupt our negative train of thought and bring the focus back to His truth. But most importantly: He is with us. He is on the road with us. Remember: whatever you are facing right now – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
But why didn’t they recognize Jesus? Their eyes were restrained. Something arrested their vision and ruled over what they were seeing. Their perplexity and fear caused them not to know that Jesus was walking along with them. Can it be that our fear blinds us to the Lord’s presence and stop us from sharing faith and hope?
Isaiah 61 prophesies that one of the things Jesus, the Messiah, would do was to make blind eyes see. Jesus came to give us sight. Focussing on fear, panic and strife will melt your faith. Beholding Jesus at this time will prevent the crisis from defining you.
Luke 24:30-31 (NIV)
When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. 31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.
The disciples recognized Jesus the moment they partook of the elements that represent what He accomplished on the cross: the bread and wine. As we behold Jesus and remind ourselves of His finished work on our behalf, the restraints will fall from our eyes and we will see that He has been walking with us all along. He will never leave us or forsake us!
Do what you need to today to see Jesus right beside you: partake of Holy Communion, put on some worship music to play in your home, read the Bible or listen to a podcast.
We are also praying for you. You are not alone!

Rhema West

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