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Come Visit And Worship With Us

What about children? We love it when families worship the Lord together!

Baby and toddler area – we have specially prepared a space for parents and young children in the foyer. Audio, video and changing station provided.

Children 3-12 years old – Our Thrive Kids children’s ministry aims to connect your child with church in a fun, relational and age-appropriate manner. Children remain with their parents during worship and are released to their lessons before the message starts.


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Commit time by attending church services and other gatherings where we worship together as a body of believers.
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Platinum Ballroom,
Silverstar, N14/R29,


Sundays 9:00 am


Telephone: 011 955 7002
FAX: 0866 1177 83

Connect to the church

Rhema West Christian Church believes that we will only reach every home with the message of Jesus Christ through all available multi-media channels. We have sermons uploaded ready to be listened to as well as thriving Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We also have a weekly devotional as well as whatsapp video faith shot with inspirational messages to share. Connect with us on social media!