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Our heart for children

Children are important to us because they are important to God! We are enthusiastic about our kids as they are the spiritual leaders of the future. Our heart is for them to know Jesus in a personal way and have a relationship with Him in their everyday lives. We also know children learn differently than adults and therefore have a special interactive lesson time just for them during the sermon.

Our children’s ministry leader, Zelda Viviers, writes: ‘I wish everyone can have a glimpse of the moments in our lesson time where the kids open up to the touch of the Holy Spirit. The kids come hungry to learn about Jesus. We see Holy Spirit-inspired drawings full of prophetic messages. Before our eyes we see children sharing hurts, kids loving and caring for each other and kids functioning in their gifts. We bring them Jesus and receive the touch of Jesus through them in return.’

Aim for the year

We enjoy seeing our kids grow in their relationship with Jesus! It is all about JESUS. Ministering to a child is like being touched by the heart of the Father.

Our curriculum this year is called – ‘Going on an Adventure!’ This curriculum explores different people, places and things, always pointing back to the Bible. We will be ‘Going on an Adventure’ together to learn more about Jesus in a fun and interactive way!

Lesson themes include topics like:

• God never gives up on you
• Don’t fear! God’s protection is near
• Joy comes from within!
• STOP and LISTEN to the Holy Spirit
• God is always good
• Jesus died for our freedom
• God’s ‘SUPER’ on our ‘natural’ makes things ‘Supernatural’!

This year we also want to focus on the meaning and value of Praise and Worship. Once a month we have a dedicated Sunday to learn about Praise and Worship and /or to have a Praise Party with our King.

Thrive Kids Photos

A typical lesson time

We have two classes available during the sermon: 3-6 year olds and 7-11 year olds. Children remain with their parents during the worship time and are released to their classes before the sermons starts. This is because we believe it is important for children to feel part of the bigger church and share in the worship experience alongside their parents.

Our lesson time looks something like this:

• Welcome of new guests, by handing each one of them a ‘CHOMP’ chocolate – standing for ‘Christ Hears Our Many Prayers’ Or for our Afrikaans kids and visitors ‘Christus Help Ons Met Probleme’

• Opening Prayer

• Taking up the offering and a short practical teaching on the offering

• Main lesson time

• Craft activity to enforce the message of the day (This is normally characterized by lots of FUN and answering of interesting questions)

• We often close by singing the ‘Blessing’ to each other

Our team of teachers and helpers

Our team is growing and consists of dynamic individuals with a love for God and a lot to offer as they serve the Lord by serving in the Children’s Ministry. The following people currently serve on our Thrive Kids team: Zelda Viviers, Beate Smith, Marcelle Allison, Annette Carrick, Sandra Swanepoel, Sonia Swartz and Bela Talbot. They are all mothers themselves and have a love for God as well as a passion for children.

If you’re interested in joining the Thrive Kids team as a teacher or helper, please read more under Join the Team.