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Healed after open heart surgery

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About 4 years ago I was told that I had a heart murmur and needed to see a heart specialist. They said I could not even wait a month. Since we were not on medical aid at the time we trusted God would heal me. He kept me alive for the time I needed.

On 30 March 2015 I was rushed to Wilgeheuwel Hospital with a bleeding stomach ulcer. I had lost 4 pints of blood. The stomach ulcer was repaired successfully but a Strep bacteria was found in my bloodstream. A professor from Wits was called out to do a sonar on my heart to check for infection there. While performing the sonar she saw the condition of my heart and aortic valve and then asked if she could pray for me with my family.  Unbeknown to me she mentioned to Beate, my wife, that she recognised me from Rhema West Church.

I was immediately transferred to Olivedale hospital as Wilgeheuwel hospital did not have a heart surgeon. I underwent open heart surgery on 10 April 2015. The operation took 4 hours. After the operation the heart surgeon shared how shocked he had been by what he saw. He could not believe that I could still have been alive before the operation. I had three problems: a birth defect in the form of a faulty valve, the bacterial infection that had caused damage to my heart and valve, and a 6cm aortic aneurism of a vein that is supposed to be only 2,5cm. A 5cm rupture usually results in immediate death. I received a mechanical valve and sections of my heart were removed, repaired and patched. I also had to receive intravenous antibiotics for 3 weeks to destroy the bacteria. If the bacterium was not destroyed they would have to reopen my chest. I believe that my relationship with Jesus and all the prayers of fellow-believers caused a miraculous healing for my heart. I returned to work 6 weeks later.

Following this supernatural episode in my life, we discovered in mid-June 2015 that I also had a hernia that blocked and strangulated my intestines. I was rushed back to Olivedale hospital on 22 June 2015 with dehydration and renal failure, back into surgery for a hernia repair and again a miraculous healing.

Through this whole ordeal God never left my side. During my heart surgery God showed me the foundation for our future Rhema West Church building and there was rejoicing and singing all around me. It felt like the whole of heaven was rejoicing.

I am back at work and feel better than I have in a very long time. The change in my life was through God’s Grace and his favour all around me.

Thanks to Pastor Norman, Pastor Gerda and Rhema West Christian Church for revealing the Grace message to our family. I have always been a Christian but never understood Grace until now.

– Andrew Smith –

I also have a testimony of God’s Grace as you read my husband Andrew’s testimony. Through this ordeal God never left my side and gave me full reassurance that my husband was going to be fine. I had favour at work and God’s peace. What an amazing gift God has given us, all the glory goes to Him.

– Beate Smith –

Standing on God’s Word and blessings

On 14 September 2014 the offering message challenged everyone in church to trust in God and proclaim the Jabez prayer over their lives for 30 days, and see what He can and will do. Prior to this I had been talking to God and asking him why are His children not flourishing and why they get sick and so on. I had so many questions. I decided to take up this challenge and trusted the Lord to overcome some habits in my life, receive His joy and have blessing and consistency in my business, marriage and family life. I also had to deal with certain issues of faith and of giving and tithing.

I gave it 30 days and took a break from all social media, news, secular radio stations and music. I also chose not listen to negative friends and to avoid negative situations. The only way to do this is to spend time listening to positive things that can build you up – God’s Word was the answer. I wrote down the Jabez prayer on a couple of strategic places where I could see and read it a couple of times each day.

The 30 days came and went and I decided to continue with most of the lifestyle changes because it was working. I have learnt that this world has nothing to offer me and whether I listen to its message or not, I cannot change anything about the situation. I can, however, change my attitude toward life and my family by not being influenced by these negative things in life.

I started standing on God’s Word and blessings just really trusting Him. I proclaimed the blessings over my life, my family’s lives and started giving and even started tithing. I pray because I want to! I finally understand that it was never about me! I wanted God to make me a cheerful giver, not out of law or because everyone or the pastor says so. I wanted to bless people and my family around me even more.

December is usually the quietest month in my business. December 2014 was the best month of the year financially and of the past 13 years. My family is happy and we are better off than we’ve ever been in all aspect of our lives, including our relationships.

I can truly say that it has nothing to do with what we try or do but everything with what Jesus has already done for us at the Cross of Calvary. His finished work lets one walk in the blessings as God intended for us. I am truly looking forward to the future knowing that I can do all things through Christ. Not by Law but by Grace!

God Bless

– Paul Smuts –

God is our ultimate provider

Sipho Baba-01

On 24 May 2015, Pastor Norman gave a prophetic word from the Lord, that says ‘whatever God is going to do in your life this year, you will know without any doubt, that it is not by your smarts, connections or abilities, but by His grace’. The Saturday morning following that prophecy I had to pay a large amount that was going to leave me broke for the following month and I was a bit worried as to how I would pay for some other things after that withdrawal. But I went to the bank, withdrew the amount and what amazed me was that the same amount I had withdrawn from my account was the remaining balance in my account. I didn’t get any SMS that money has been deposited in my account. I looked for all the human reasons of how this is possible until the Spirit of God reminded me of the prophecy. Without any doubt I knew that the money in my account was definitely from God. I praise and thank God for that whatever is impossible with men is possible with God. Let’s keep on trusting God and respect prophecies (1 Thess. 5:20).

– Sipho Baba –

Delivered from deadly fumes


On 18 Feb 2015 Chris came home to fix our pool.  He brought gifts for our children, something that doesn’t happen every day.  He had an accident outside when he opened the chlorine and pool acid. As the airborne chemicals mixed he inhaled the fumes.  This is very dangerous and could be fatal.  I rushed him off to hospital because he was coughing severely and battling to breathe.  He was admitted to ICU.  The doctor said that the effects could cause a rash on the lungs which then caused water on the lungs that may become infected.  I let Pastor Norman and the prayer team know and they prayed for him. At that very moment I could see his breathing becoming easier.  With every one praying, he walked out the next morning without any symptoms or medication.  If God had not let Chris bring the gifts, our children would have been outside with him when the accident happened.  God will always protect us.  This is truly a testimony of Psalm 91!

– Marcelle Allison –