From the Heart Care Centre

Reaching out to help
– by Leanne Pretorius

The Young Adults together with Shelbe Pretorius are very excited about our next project. It is a daycare in the Princess squatter camp called From the heart care center. We have a list of things  we want to get done there. Please contact me if you would like to get involved or need more information. Leanne Pretorius 083 208 7239

Information document can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE



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12 Baskets Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation (150-429 NPO) registered through the South African Department of Social Development. The organisation is managed by a board of directors.


The organisation has been operating since 2014 but was officially registered during March 2015 in the West Rand region of Gauteng. The organisation assists in various categories within the Social Justice sphere.

Our Service

  1. Welfare and Humanitarian
  2. Health Care
  3. Land and Housing
  4. Education and Development
  5. Religion, Belief or Philosophy
  6. Cultural
  7. Sport 

What we’ve been up to:

We made a difference – #notoxenophobia
– Report by Riana Scheepers

On Sunday 19 April Rhema West’s 12 Baskets Foundation reached out to support some foreign nationals that had fell victim to recent xenophobic attacks. They are being temporarily accommodated at Christ Church in Mayfair.

The camp officially became available on 18 April and took in 12 people, currently there are about 20 people at the camp. Volunteers from the 12 Baskets Foundation was quick to respond to the call for help.

Several bags of clothes and toys were donated to those finding shelter at Mayfair. Most of the donated clothes came from our Rhema West members and covered all age groups for adults and children.

We took some time to meet the victims. They are ordinary lovable people with beautiful personalities just trying to make a better living for themselves and their children.

It was such a blessing that we could be ready to help our community and give this donation. Thank you to each and every person that donated something. You have made a big difference!

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Rhema West Empowerment Programme – Driving School
– Report by Riana Scheepers

12 Baskets PhotosIn 2014 we started the driving school project with the main aim to empower our members, help them be independent and to help them get better job opportunities. We partnered with a driving school that has an excellent track record and a good pass rate.

Our very first candidate was Fondy Ngoedi. He had his learner’s licence but did not have the means to acquire his driver’s licence. We signed him up under our programme, he went for his driving lessons and is now ready to do his driving test. We wish him all success!

If you think you are a candidate for getting your driver’s licence through this programme, or if you would like to support this venture financially, please email

Rhema West Feeding Scheme – Soup Kitchen
– Report by Riana Scheepers

Soup KitchenOur church has been contributing towards the Emmanual Soup Kitchen in Noordgesig from late 2014. The Soup kitchen is run by Sister Glover, an 86 year old lady that has dedicated her life to serving God through helping others. She used her pension to help feed over 600 people from Noordgesig and surrounding areas like Orlando, Meadowlands and other parts of Soweto.

She sends this message to Rhema West: “Versterk jou broeders, en eer God. (Strengthen your brothers and honor God.) That is all that I want to achieve. Thank you for helping me every month, it makes a huge difference.”

Rhema West is blessed to be able to be a blessing unto others.

If you would like to get involved with this programme or if you would like to visit the site, please email