In serving we grow

Every volunteer counts! Every growing, thriving church depends on a contingent of willing, able and available helpers in all areas – from venue preparation for a service, to teaching a children’s lesson; from manning the sales desk to helping at the office during the week. It is incredibly rewarding and a great aid to personal growth to become involved in the work of the church.

We serve out of Jesus’ love for us.

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Guidelines for getting involved:

Settle in first!

Do settle in as a member for about six months before joining a ministry area. This way you can get a clear idea of our ministry philosophy and where you would like to serve.

No burn-out allowed!

• You can serve a single Sunday, a single project or single event.
• When involved over a period of time, we recommend that you limit your involvement to a maximum of two ministry areas.
• You will be deployed according to a duty roster as applicable per department.
• You can change to another ministry area or take a break after six, nine or twelve months of serving.

Attend the next Team Equip Day for more information.

Keep an eye on the calendar to keep up to date when the next Team Equip Day will take place and ensure to RSVP at