Our Growth Track consists of three sessions that run over three consecutive Sundays. The course is presented by our pastors Norman and Gerda after the 9:00 Sunday service.

The purpose of the Growth Track is to connect you to your redemptive purpose by connecting you to the Body of Christ.

The content is as follows:

Session 1 – Rhema West’s vision and values

Become familiar with what we stand for and how we do ministry. This will help you to be inducted into this community of believers. Find out how to become a member.

Session 2 – Discover your spiritual gifts

We explain the gifts of the Holy Spirit give you a gifts test and show you where you can use your gifts in this local church. We grow best by serving!

Session 3 – Foundations of Christian faith and life

Learn about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Water Baptism and how to have a personal devotional time. Perfect for first-time Christians and believers who just desire a boost in their spiritual life.

The Growth Track will continue to run monthly. Please check out dates on the Calendar. All welcome!